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Decorative Gravel

Barn Red 1B


This is a naturally colored, dark red 3/8″ inch stone. It works well for walking trails and landscapes.

Barn Red 2B


This is a naturally colored, dark red 3/4″ inch stone. The added size of this product brings added character to your landscape.

Pea River Rock


This River Rock is ½” inch in size. The color is a mixture of tans, browns and reds. It’s an excellent product for walkways and between flagstone.

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Small River Rock


This is a River Rock that is 1″ inch in size. The color is a mixture of tans, browns, and reds. Use this product to turn your landscape into a masterpiece.

Medium River Rock


This River Rock is 2-3″ inches in size. The color is mixture of tans, browns, and reds. It is great for slopes where erosion is a concern. It also brings character to your landscape.

Large River Rock


This River Rock is 4-6″ inches in size. The color is a mixture of tans, browns, and reds. Great for lining your landscape beds and also for erosion control.

Crushed Red Brick


Enhance landscaping and swimming pools.

Large Chesapeake


A great medium for constructing paths throughout your garden. It offers rigidity, yet flexibility, that you don’t get from paving or concrete and it’s more long lasting than sawdust or lawn paths.

Pea Chesapeake


Many non-gardeners find this an attractive landscaping feature because of its low-maintenance qualities.

Small Chesapeake


They have the ability to create a mood within your garden that can only come with using a stone cover, such as gravel.

Pink Rosette


A naturally colored, pink and white swirled stone. Make your landscape beds stand out from others with this beautiful stone.

Texas White Marble


A naturally colored, sparkling white, ¾ inch stone. If you want to your landscape beds to shine, give this stone a try!

Mexican Buttons


Great for around pools or any water feature, pond or water garden area. These stones are smooth and easy on the feet. Black in color.

Black Granite

Natural blackish green color stone great for any landscaping project.

Eastern Sunrise

This product is Similar to the old Reddog. It has reds, browns, tans, blacks and grays.